In order to increase your sales, it's highly beneficial to invest in marketing. A comprehensive strategy is the best way to reach new customers. This means identifying the best combination of many different marketing techniques to achieve optimum results. 


Our marketing approach is all about integrating traditional marketing theory, models and tools with common sense. We select the most appropriate methods to achieve your goals in terms of connection with your audience, sales and ongoing loyalty. 


We strongly believe that marketing is about answering a fundamental question: ‘where, when, and how does your customer want to engage with your business?” 



B2B marketing


Companies operating in the B2B space have unique needs when it comes to marketing. We are B2B marketing experts and we know that B2B requires specific persuasion tools and brand awareness. To reach B2B clients, you’ll have to reach the people who make the decisions.  


You have to focus on the big picture and focusing solely on one channel won’t give you the results you’re after. You need to combine multiple channels into your sales funnel. B2B deserves special attention if you want to reach the key decision makers. 


The B2B sales cycle can typically be 6-12 months, with some industries looking at up to 18 months. Given these long sales cycles, B2B marketing needs to be able to provide multiple touchpoints to keep customers engaged and educated on your products and services.


A blend of great content and lead magnets including landing pages, email campaigns and social promotion can have a huge impact over time. 



Content in the form of blog posts, guest posts, videos and podcasts are all ways in which you can position yourself as an expert in your industry. Great content will also drive your marketing efforts through other channels. Service-based businesses should definitely consider making a long-term investment in sharing their expertise in the form of content creation. 


Thought leadership

This is the most powerful point of leverage for B2B companies today. Being a thought leader builds your credibility as a company and as an expert in your industry or field. Make connections with industry publications and offer to write editorials or guest contributions. Create value for your industry and the public by sharing your expertise. An effective way to do this can be to analyse data from your own products or services and then use it to tell a story. 


Social media

Instagram and Facebook are less effective at generating awareness with B2B than with B2C, however it can be worth maintaining a presence on these platforms. Linkedin and Twitter are both effective ways of reaching B2B customers. 


SEO & Adwords

A successful SEO strategy should leverage the content being created and shared on your own website and social media accounts.


Email marketing campaigns

Once you’ve got leads in your system, you need to nurture them. Email marketing allows you to automate this - it's one of the most effective tools out there. Once your customers decide they want to read your emails, you’re halfway to winning them over and gaining their loyalty.


Marketing automation

Through automation, sales teams can access all available information about the customer in real time, to help them pursue more leads and close sales.


Re-targeting advertisements

Facebook and Linkedin advertisements are a great way to re-target people who have visited your website before. This is a good way to remind potential customers of your products and push them across the conversion line.


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