Dutch City Council and Housing Organisation

How do we support community-driven initiatives? How do we engage community groups, elected members, government agencies, retail, and investors as well? 


Work alongside communities and establish and support successful partnerships, engaging them to find their own solutions to their own identified issues; all the while building social connectedness and community capacity.


  • Activate direct stakeholders and the general public 

  • Placemaking with impact

  • Setting up public actions and guaranteeing results


Operating in a fast-moving e-commerce environment this sustainable logistics organisation needed some transformation. Over time customers began to demand even faster delivery and the ability to change their orders at the last minute.



Immediate interim management solutions. 


  • sustainable solutions for B2B customers

  • digital supply chain technology implementation

  • leading the company in rapid growth


Kids2b (Childcare company)

When a major childcare organisation shifted its product range from consumer-only to a business-to-business market, managers assumed that a highly functional marketing strategy would provide the answer.



The company soon realised transformation was needed to boost business growth in geographic areas where there is fierce competition. 




  • determine a new course 

  • develop a pro-active market approach 

  • generate more revenue from current locations

  • starting pilot projects before scaling up

Biblionet (Library network)


Libraries have much more to offer than simply books on a shelf — although many people have no idea what additional services the local library has to offer.



Changing product, become more of a sales-driven company and expand product range into a new business-to-business market.




  • developing key partnership projects and sponsorship networks

  • create a third flow of funds 

  • on-the-job-training and support

  • product development