HOOVR is a boutique consulting agency. We work with companies in

the manufacturing, technology, sports and transportation/logistics industries. 

Whether it's branding, sales, corporate identity or marketing-related projects - we can

help you with strategic direction and implementation. Strategy (execution), marketing

and sales are among our key strengths.


We also provide remote-friendly support and coaching, to ensure a successful outcome

no matter where you are based.

We are here for you if you require support or consulting in the following areas: 

  • Special projects

  • Marketing & sales related projects


HOOVR is here to help you make the right decisions to ensure future business success. 


Colette has been a “breath of fresh air” coming into our business whilst we experience some rather tough times.


We connected immediately and always look forward to our time and meetings with her.


Colette has a clear understanding of business, is a great listener, offers relevant strategic advice, is a real go-getter if you need a bit of extra motivation and someone to steer you in the right direction whilst keeping you focussed. 


But most importantly Colette has a great sense of humour which is really important in some rather uncertain times.

— Victoria Hutchison | Christchurch

Sales masterclass  for Non-Salespeople


Why this workshop? 


Dealing with different characters and skillsets in teams is our challenge.


When you know who you are, you are aware of the process and have an eye for the other you will succeed in optimal communication. And thats exactly what sales is about.


We help others set up for success. 


This masterclass will be an added value for every business who is interested in optimal client contact which will lead to satisfied customers.


Driving business results through optimal communication is key.

Get ahead with these reads.


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