What's the best way to sell something? Don’t sell anything.


Instead you should first earn the respect, trust and awareness of those who might buy. We strongly believe selling is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you’re providing something your market actually wants or needs. They’ll be more receptive to your pitch, more likely to say yes, and more appreciative about how you helped them. In this way you're establishing a relationship built on mutual trust that will pave the way for repeat business. This is especially important for B2B sales.


Marketing and sales should go hand-in-hand. Marketing is about identifying your customers and their needs, whereas sales is the act of persuading those customers that your company’s products or services will provide benefits they need. 


We can give you valuable insights into your sales process. The 'sales funnel' is a metaphor for the entire process, from initial contact to final sale. The funnel has five stages:

  • lead

  • prospect

  • qualified prospect

  • commitment

  • transaction.


Towards the bottom of the funnel, the time to close the sale decreases and the probability of the sale occurring increases. We will help you define all steps in your customised sales funnel.