Introduction Rethink Retreat

Rethink Retreat HOOVR Colette van Boxtel

Rethink Retreat is a new concept offering the opportunity to take part in professional development courses with an overarching focus on mental wellbeing and entrepeneurship. 


These retreats get the attendees out of their everyday environments and are hosted over three days at a beautiful location in the South Island. 

Every retreat has got a specific theme and target group. The first retreat is designed for professional women with a key focus on personal strengths, wellbeing and leadership. 


Rethink Retreats were created by two Christchurch women in business, Kathryn Peat and Colette van Boxtel who have combined forces to bring this concept to life.

The highlights of this first retreat will be:


  • Being your best self means playing to your strengths both at work and at home. You will take an online test to discover your strengths and during the Rethink Retreat you will learn how to use them to enhance your own personal brand. 

  • Wellbeing is an essential ingredient in creating a culture where people do their best work, are innovative, collaborative and perform at a high level. Our Wellbeing lead will share her knowledge and learnings to help you identify harmful behaviours and tools to help you thrive personally and professionally.

  • In today ever-changing business landscape, there is a call for a new style of leadership that focusses on developing and growing self-awareness and being intentional in our actions. We will challenge you in your daily routines and decision making and share knowledge to inspire greater levels of personal development.

  • We will guide you through this uplifting and exciting experience with likeminded-women. We have chosen a beautiful location in the South Island and will provide daily pilates, breathing and stretching sessions with delicious food and enough time to relax and unwind. 

Colette van Boxtel 

For all you gorgeous women out there, I want to share a few key tips that helped me get to where I am now. I hope they give you a little inspiration...

  1. Always work with purpose.

  2. Stay authentic at all times.

  3. Dream big, start small.

  4. NEVER tell others you're 'too busy'. 

  5. You can achieve everything you want  by working part time. 

  6. First earn your money, then spend it.

  7. Observe. Stop talking. Really look and listen to others. 

  8. Surround yourself with people that inspire you, find yourself a good mentor.

  9. ALWAYS be positive about yourself, always be positive about others.

  10. Recognise your own sphere of influence

Kathryn Peat

I have two favourite quotes that I whole heartedly believe in.

1. "We are only limited by our own self limiting beliefs."


2. "We must care for ourselves before we have the capacity to care for others."

Every day we solve challenges and balance responsibilities without thinking. Often we don't even realise the influence or impact we have on others. 

I want to help you stay positive, motivated and living your best life.


I'm passionate about helping people and ultimately want to use my knowledge and experience to help other women feel confident and appreciate their own capabilities.